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As stated earlier, was found to be the superior of all 150+ file storage services we tested. Here are some of their features as well as a description. is a virtual storage space for your computer files. With packages starting at $2 per month for 5GB, you will have enough space to hold thousands of Documents, Photos, Music Files, and Video Clips. Try it out out for as long as you'd like by signing up for a 5GB free account. It cost less than a price of a latte per month and much much less than buying a 5 gig (or even 1 gig) flash drive. Whether you want to move files among multiple computers, backup important data in the event of a computer crash, or share documents and photos with friends and colleagues, is for you.

Save backup copies of important files
Always have a backup plan to prevent data loss in case of computer failure
Move documents between your computers
Use your Box to transfer files so that you can work on them in any location
Setup sub-accounts for multiple user access
A perfect solution for small businesses and workgroups requiring collaboration
Store photos and other important memories
Relax! Your priceless files and photos are always safe
Share files or create online photo galleries
Hassle-free sharing; show off your vacation photos or send a file to a friend!
Online File Storage Access important files from any computer
Share photos, and files too big for email
Host media on your blog or website Sub-accounts and RSS feeds for groups
Website is easy to use
Fiendly user interface makes storing and retrieving your files easy
Nothing to lose or break, really.
Unlike physical storage, your Box won't break, get lost, or become obsolete
Security, Security, Security
Servers are secure and redundant, so your files are always protected
Responsive Technical Support to call or email 24 hours a day
No banner ads, spam, or annoying popups zero-ad policy means nothing will get in between you and your files
Try 1GB account for free, for as long as you want lets you easily backup your important files online, miles away from threats to your computer. With, your important files come with you wherever you go. If there's ever a problem with your computer, you can log into your secure account and download your saved files. even backs up your backed up data, so all files are doubly protected (redundant) for even more peace of mind. offers many convenient ways to upload files to your account.

Premium and Pro users can share files with anyone via a public link (which can be password protected). Basic account users can only share their files with any other user.

When you make a file or folder public, you'll be provided with a unique website address which can be accessed by anyone you give the link to. For additional security, you can even add a required password for access, chosen by you. Best of all, RSS feeds can be automatically created for certain folders, letting your subscribers receive instant updates of your files.'s public sharing:
Post a file on a website or blog for public download lets you post photos, music clips, and files directly to your Blog
Photo galleries, accessible anytime and anywhere
Group pictures in one location for easy sharing, viewing, and downloading
Privacy, just the way you like it
When shared, each file and folder is provided with a unique address Widget

Want to add files to your blog? Share files with your friends on your Myspace page? You might consider trying the Widget. Within your Box account, you can generate a widget by clicking on the menu for your folder, and selecting "Get a widget".

If you don't have a account, you can get started with Quick and easy setup
Just click on any folder in your box, and add it to your site.
Add to your blog, website, or Myspace page.
Complete administrative control
No hard work, no coding, no mess. Just copy and paste.
Stream Live
Instant gratification, just click the music file and listen!

Send files to anyone

Send large documents, presentations, and zip files to contacts and clients. Forget the hassle of emailing attachments — just send them a link to download! Best of all, you can be notified when they download the file.


Keep a safe copy

Your data is valuable, and there's nothing safer than keeping an extra copy of important files online. Box makes it easy to have that peace of mind.


Email uploading

Upload files to your Box by sending an email to The next time you receive an attachment you'd like to save or work on later, forward it to us and it will be sent to your account!

Email Attachments

Tired of email services that won’t let you use a large attachments? will allow you to send attachments as large as you want over email for your recipient to download.

Publishing and sharing with Box

If you have a website or eBay auctions, you can host your photos on Box. There are no bandwidth limits. You simply upload a file, right-click on it, and create a Public Link. The file is instantly hosted. This is an easy way to share anything and host any type of file including an mp3 or other audio files.

System requirements?
All you need is an active internet connection and Windows 2000 or higher, or Mac OSX. The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera, and AOL.


Register for a free 14 day trial of Box to see for yourself.

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